Devon founded Gaming In Progress in late 2014 after purchasing a PS4 which allowed him to finally record youtube videos, which as a result, would lead to the channel's creation. He handles nearly all of the console content found on Gaming In Progress as well as PS4 exclusives, though he does get the opportunity now and then to do some PC gaming with Ogre, as seen in the Battlefront 2 Vs episode.

He has played airsoft for quite a few years, becoming active in the spot a little bit after Ogre, which is how they became aware of each other. In this time his airsoft collection as fluctuated from large to small to medium. Devon is very pro #Gamergate and speaks out a lot on the issues of ethics in video game journalism, how Social Justice Warrior influence is effecting the gaming industry and how developers and publishers are reacting to it.

He has also been on the Save Sci-Fi podcast as well as doing his own podcasts with Jakester, Ogre, and Ares. Much like Ogre he was inspired by other Youtube personalities such as Markiplier, PewdiePie, LevelCapGaming, Angry Joe, even MundaneMatt and Sargon of Akkad.


Dakota, aka Ogre, is Gaming In Progress's resident PC gamer, Having grown up on consoles he made the switch to PC gaming with the purchase of his first Alienware Laptop in 2013. Experiencing benefits of PC gaming vs console gaming first hand, he decided to make the switch permanent. A year later he purchased a ASUS N550JK laptop when he was 19 with beefier specs than his previous laptop and joined the gaming in progress team in December of 2014 right as the founder, Devon was starting to seriously get into making lets plays. Ogre is generally the guy behind most PC gameplay on Gaming In Progress.

Outside of gaming Ogre has played Airsoft for 5+ years and has a vast amount of Airsoft equipment. You will see an occasional Airsoft review or overview produced by him from time to time. Ogre currently is attending a community college for Photography before he moves on to a university to study Cinema. Ogre has produced a sketch comedy series previously called Addicts and will be doing sketches for Gaming In Progress later on. His biggest influences producing youtube videos are Markiplier, Levelcap Gaming, Jet Desertfox, Smosh, FrankieOnPCIn1080p, Marble Hornets and LinusTechTips.


Alex, aka Ares, is the Gaming in Progress technician, he handles most of Gaming in Progress' software. Ares handles most of the game servers, except for the arma server, which is handled by Ogre and his friends. He also created the website you are using right now. He also acts as the Gaming In Progress IT guy, since everytime Devon or (mainly) Ogre break something, Ares is the one who has to fix it. All of this falls on Ares because he studied Software Engineering in college.

Ares has recently joined the ranks of the PC Master Race and is able to play on pc with Ogre. He has played Airsoft ever since Ogre introduced him to the sport several years ago in order to redirect his homicidal tendencies. Not much is know about Ares personally, Ogre just found him in the woods one day fighting a bear. The only other solid thing we know about him is that he is an asshole.

His interests include programming, destruction, gaming, anarchy, airsoft, guns, explosives, military tactics, alternative methods of torture, homicide, and feminism.